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Need Help With Social Media? Need Help With A Website Or Blog?website-for-sale-imageThis domain and website is available: We can tailor it to your business or create a new responsive website or blog Call Vincent Hoss 916-626-2982 To Inquire. The fastest way to generate new business is clean up your on-line presence. 15 years of experience in lead generation and internet advertising for small business, social media management, micro sites, review collection, reputation management etc.


Social media is here to stay, each business owner needs to come to grip with this fact unfortunately. Your customers are not looking in the yellow pages any more because if it is in their home or business it is usually being used for a door stop. The yellow pages rep will tell you a totally different story, but look around do you see a yellow page book being used any more? People seem to go on a computer or smart phone and asking Google if they need anything.

When was the last time your kids picked up a newspaper? Do they know what the yellow pages is? Are your kids listening to a radio or watching TV with out a DVR?

Does anyone in your family still watch the commercials if it is not during the Super Bowl? In my family they skip the commercials and want us to upgrade to the Dish Hopper so they can really skip the commercials.

Watch your kids, your wife and those around you, they are on a computer, ipad or smart phone all the time. What are they doing? Texting, catching up with their friends on Facebook, and watching videos on YouTube.

This is why whether we like it or not, you must try to engage new customers where they are spending time to protect your business. If you find your self overwhelmed with the prospect of learning your way around social sites give us a call AIM Internet Marketing 888-240-8432 Social Media Lead Generation. Mediation & Legal Marketing | Business Marketing | Plumbing Marketing | Water Damage Marketing. No matter what type of business you have, websites, blogs, videos and social sites can really boost your sales efforts with a small investment.

Social Media is a great way to stay in front of your customers, this is why it is important to find out where your customers are hanging out in their spare time. If they love Pinterest than your business needs to have a fun Pinterest page with links from your site.

Things have really changed from the early days if Internet Marketing:

1. Google found people want to visit a real local business website not a spam site, lead generation site or a directory site.

2. The Google panda and penguin updates were designed to find the real local company in the area.

3. Google is currently giving priority to the real local companies who have a well cared for Website, Blog, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google Maps/Google+, YouTube Channel and Reviews.

4. You don’t have to be an Internet expert! Our company will build and manage your online presence.

5. Do not miss this golden opportunity to move to the top of the page. Call for a free on-line review today!

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