Where can i sell business leads?

I am a Business Developer.and many times i got business leads which is not related to my business. So i want to sell these leads.
can somebody tell me where i can sell it.

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  1. I would try the free classifieds (free for listing). Craig’s list, Live Deal, those type.
    I need travel leads if you have any that would be good for this…mytravelanswer.biz anyone that’s in travel gets the $449 waived until Dec 2nd. Anyone you know that fits that, I would take off your hands.

  2. There is a better way to profit from the leads that you develop…

    I am a business owner that would likely benefit form any and all of your leads. I am in the marketing and printing business, so my clients are both residential consumers and other businesses.

    You are in the business development business… from my perspective….”Marketing” and educating business owners about effective marketing, is paramount ot the success fo business.

    I personally believe that business fail…not because “business is hard or risky…which is what the statistics would have you believe…but because owners fail to become efficient marketers…in most cases..not paying any mind to it at all.

    So…your question here has caused me to wonder about the possibilities of setting up a mutually beneficial referral system between the two of us.



  3. if you can become more specific re business
    leads……..maybe I can use them all.

    but I would only pay you based on what
    i earn from them.

    if they are good, you could earn 25k per
    lead…….only after I am paid!

  4. There are companies that are engaged in the selling and getting sales leads. I suggest you contact them and check if you can sell your leads to them (be prepared to be asked for verification of the quality of data that you have — e.g. the emails are not stale)

    Direct Marketing magazine has a section on Lists and Databases, which provides listings of companies involved in selling lists. Contact these companies to see if they would be interested in your business leads


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