What does Hillary care about children or children's healthcare when she supports abortion?

C'mon, is not abortion the biggest strike to childrens' healthcare there is?

And no, I'm not speaking out against the 5% of abortions that are rapes/incest, etc, I'm talking about the 95% that are "murder by convenience".

Sorry, but I remember the zealous hatred in Hillary's eyes as the lead the Million Mom Murder March back in D.C. a few years ago.

16 thoughts on “What does Hillary care about children or children's healthcare when she supports abortion?

  1. You see the unborn child has no voter support. The mother wants the child dead. She can vote. Hilary would vote to allow mothers to murder their children up to the age of 18 if she thought it would bring her more votes.

  2. It’s ironic that the same people who are against abortion look the other way when it comes to sectarian killing. There’s never any protests there.

  3. Well the reality is that all she cares about is getting votes and you get votes by taking from the few to give to the many or in some cases just a few more but that gets goo goo eyes from other sympathizers.
    I care deeply about health care- deeply that I do not want the government running mine or my childs and I am not rich so I wont be able to escape the system.

  4. This is a good question. I wish I had an answer for it. It definitely seems hypocritical. Also disturbing is the popularity she has among “soccer mom” type gals who have children themselves. I just don’t get it. Do you remember when Bill Clinton vetoed the ban on partial birth abortion way back in the 90s? Bill and Hillary appeared on a TV interview immediately afterwards (I think it was Barbara Walters, I wish I could remember) and Hillary dropped the bombshell “I want to have a baby!” Imagine that!!! I’ve always believed she said that for political purposes in case there was any backlash against the Clinton’s because of that partial birth abortion ban veto. I know I’m digressing. Sorry.

  5. Clinton does not care about children or children’s healthcare, if she said she does just remember she lies constantly to get her way and to try to please whatever audience she is speaking to.

  6. Aborted fetuses need no health care. Some times I wonder about the logic of the religious right.

    And what about those 5% of abortions you alude to that are conceptions from rape or incest. Are those fetuses any less human than any other fetus? Or, do you just make that distinction for convenience because the reality is by making that distinction you have alread compromised your position.

    If you actually believe life begins at conception then it’s gotta be ALL life and EVERY conception. Can’t play GOD and pick and chose which conception is better than the next can we? If you do, than you are no different than those who espouse abortion on demand.

  7. Hillary does not care about anything but her political ambitions.

    She says whatever is popular with that particular audience.

  8. Whydo you care about abortions when you don’t value healthcare for children? Why does a non-human fetus have value, in your eyes but a human child is trash and unimportant?

  9. if her health care plan is all about votes then why did she pursue it when billy was in the oval office, maybe she actually cares, unlike mr. bush.

  10. And why are they for saving convicted murderers from the death penalty? That healthcare bill would have provided tax payer funded health care for people who make 82 grand a year – hardly the poor children people are bemoaning.

    Now she wants to get rid of the mortgage interest deduction to raise taxes – she must be stopped!

    Nobody wants criminal DNA in their children!

  11. Wow. I’m speechless about this. I’m pro-choice because of reality. I’d love to be pro-life but when are you pro-lifers going to help the people that need help?

    You are ignoring reality and people’s situations. Wouldn’t it be so great if life was as you said it was but you should know that it’s not.

    I have never been pregnant let alone have an abortion. I’m lucky that I come from a great family and that I’m a strong and smart person. I know a girl that had an abortion. Her father made her. She was in high school. That’s just one story.
    Do you know anything about the days before abortion was legal because you might want to look into that so that you can make a better argument? If you want to argue well then you need to research the other side instead of just spewing hate and ignorance. I’m not seeing a legitimate argument here.

  12. I think we are talking about two separate things. We are talking about the living and not the non existant.
    Isn’t the quality of life questioned here?
    And what quality is there when a mother of poverty can’t take care of their child-when welfare will?

  13. Please do not confuse “The Clinton’s” objectives.

    They do not want Socialized healthcare because they actually CARE about people’s health.

    They want Socialized healthcare so that they can continue the growth of the POWER of the government over our everyday lives.

    Since the 1960s, the Liberal-Fascists have grown their tentacles onto more and more Americans lives in many ways. They have a generation of Americans believing that government is good, that it is a kind and benevolent, that the government is looking out for you and is going to take care of you. That government protects you from big, evil Corporations!

    Look at the millions of Ghetto-Dwelling Social Parasites we now have living in our cities. These people expect, no demand, handouts and they keep voting for the people that keep the handout programs giving away “free” money, “free” apartments and “Free” government cheese.

    People have been duped into believing that if it comes from the government, it’s free. Just a basic comprehension of Economics is all that is needed to see that the government is sucking our economy dry. Government is the biggest cancer on the American people.

    A national healthcare program is not needed.

    In every single county in every single state there is healthcare available for every person who cannot pay for his own healthcare. County and state programs are funded by the federal government and these programs actually work pretty well. This is a fact that everyone in the Media seems to ignore, that politicians ignore. I challenge anyone to find a region of the US where this is not so.

    Don’t fall for the ruse that the US has a “Healthcare Crisis”….there is no crisis, it’s just a decoy for the Government to take more power and control over your life.

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