Does SEO work for social media?

SEO is everywhere.
Social media, which is booming these days, is an excellent opportunity for SEO. For example Google is also getting into social media through a new service termed as google Knol ' '. Knol is a mix of Wikipedia, Squidoo, Hub Pages coupled with effective Google technology. If you watch close enough, it's an opportunity for SEO through knol. Utilize
anything at its starting stages.There is also Social Media Optimization (SMO), which has become an extension of Search Engine Optimization and a strong direction where SEO is moving towards.

SEO required

The purpose of creating social networks basically began as places where people could have access to other known members and share information, thoughts and experiences on different subjects. They have been increasingly growing among web users, to the point that people handle too many accounts to keep track with one or both hands. For online marketing strategies social networks are great sites to promote products, services or brands, approaching customers in a direct way, without any

intervention of thirds in the process. Directly hitting the market segment your company is aiming at. Have a marketing

strategy for your social communities ready. Know how you are going to reach your potential customers. How are you going to be

known in that specific network and what are the options to reach a broader audience. Be constant; work on your communities

and build a relation with your members. Answer questions if asked, support people in any way possible, and add value to your

corporate concept by attending peopleā€²s needs.