3 thoughts on “Where can i get good social media marketing help?

  1. Great question. Social media requires a lot of attention and work. A company needs to be able to monitor and converse on twitter and facebook among the other 1500 sites. I can’t recommend one site, but the one that was mentioned before Travel Spike seem to be the market experts.

  2. You can simply look on the Web using search engines like Google, Yahoo, or Bing — or you may use LinkedIn, a social networking site for businesses and professionals. When hiring someone to help in your campaign, make sure you understand that social media is not free and it cost some money. You also need to know your ROI or return on investment. You can screen your candidates and ask them for references or samples of sites they have worked on – but always remember that you need to communicate your goals effectively before you start a full blast social media campaign.

  3. Which kind of help do you need?

    A. How-to information source to get it done by your self?
    B. A fractional social media services?
    C. Outsource your complete social media marketing service?

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