Does social media marketing profile require a creative person?

I am not a creative person who can design something or plan strategies.If I plan to go for social media marketing profile, will I have problems in it?Is SEO knowledge required in this field?

5 thoughts on “Does social media marketing profile require a creative person?

  1. Yes you need to be a bit smart thinker in order to promote your business in social media. Unless you have a very good idea you can’t promote it well. You need to keep changing your tactics if something doesn’t work out initially in order to refine that.

    A bit of SEO knowledge is good to have for a social media marketing person. SEO isn’t a tough subject to learn. Currently there are lot of articles and notes available on SEO. Just by googling them you can find them easily. Though social media marketing and SEO are two separate areas of work they have some similar marketing basics which you need to understand well

  2. You don’t need to be a designer to plan a social media marketing strategy; all you have to do is define your brand message, share something valuable to people, and just be – REAL. Social media is all about meaningful interactions with people. SEO can help boost your site’s visibility so you can get more traffic, but to convert them into ‘buying customers’ – you need to engage like a real human does, minus all the spams.

  3. My view is that, you should either be creative in planning and building strategies, or be a good executor. There are roles for all types of people in Social Media Marketing, like any other Marketing fields.

    You will need to know basics of SEO, as SEO is now related to Social Media Marketing and both service sale together.

    Other requirements are:
    1. pick one brand management tool from the market (e.g. and learn it.
    2. Use all major networks (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Orkut, Youtube) extensively and build your expertise
    3. Try to make as big network of friends and followers as possible in all networks

    If you can have these things, then you can execute plans really well. There can be a Manager who plans and build strategies. You can make sure everything planned is done, correctly and without fail.

  4. The skills needed to run a successful Social Media campaign:

    1. Creativity
    2. Graphic Design Skills
    3. At Least Basic HTML Knowledge
    4. Project Management
    5. Ad Management
    6. Engagement Best Practices
    7. High Level Familiarity with Social Platforms

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