where can I find buyers for business loan leads?

I'm involved in a new venture generating high quality loan leads in the finance sector. A range of verticals are involved such as commercial mortgages, unsecured business loans, equipment leasing loans, mixed use loans, cash advance business loans etc etc.

The leads are to be generated by SEO techniques and can be sorted for literally any combination of field settings needed. They can be exclusive if need be and will be immediate.

Long term I hope to negotiate a fruitful relationship with lenders and/or brokers, but in the mean time I need somewhere to pass the leads on to, at least until I can provide traffic figures and lead gen stats to potential partners.

I know of Leadpile, Leadvibe and such places but they tend not to deal in the verticals I am intending to work in. Are there any companies that will take all the leads I generate/or some until I'm able to get a foot-hold in the market?