Have the internet and cell phones produced a generation less willing to tolerate tyranny?

We are seeing protests against oppressive governments all over the world. It is the young people who seem to be leading.

Has growing up with the internet, cell phones, and social media fundamentally changed people so that more are not willing to tolerate government corruption, oppression, control by a small group of people for their own benefit? Is the younger generation less likely to just sigh and say "You can't fight City Hall."

6 thoughts on “Have the internet and cell phones produced a generation less willing to tolerate tyranny?

  1. I think all these devices have shown these young people that there are other places in the world that are free, and they got their by standing up for themselves.

  2. Yes. Thank god. You can’t stop knowledge. The doors are open, they travel on the web, you can’t stop it now. It’s a matter of time for all those b s t r d s.

  3. Yes and in a back handed way no. Communication now takes seconds, information is passed along in almost real time from anywhere on earth. It has become easy to find like minds and organize to fight against what you consider corruption or tyranny. On the same note it is also easy to spread mis-information and gather a crowd that seams larger than it really is and then portray yourself to be the majority when in fact you are not.

  4. I do not think you can jump to that conclusion. Communications are useful to both start and stop a revolt. Controlling media (information) allows on to deceive the others.

    The media is doing everything in its power to make these demonstrations peace, drug, flowers in your hair. But so far we have not seen any change. A 81 yo sick ruthless man was forced to retire, but we do not the full details.

    People have not changed much — most want life, liberty, and the ability to keep ones property for one’s own enjoyment. Governments tend to think your life is in their control, liberty is what they give you to go to work, and anything of your work that they don’t take is their gift to you.

    So let’s review this in 6 month..

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