What would you major in to do social media marketing?

Trying to find out what I would need to major in to do social media marketing and some good universities to go to. I have found I would like that a lot and just trying to get an idea. If it is social media marketing I apologize, google has not been too helpful.

3 thoughts on “What would you major in to do social media marketing?

  1. A Marketing Concentration in Business Administration would be your best bet. Communications would probably be next in line. Any university with an Accredited business program would be best.

  2. I agree with Alan. You can also look into some classes in Public Relations. Many companies use PR firms to manage their social media presence.

  3. Being an online marketing professional myself, I would say major in computer science and read marketing books in your spare time or minor in marketing. I’m saying this because a marketing degree is really worthless, its not a skill. Computer science is great because you will know how the social media sites actually work and you can code and make your own sites and web applications. Marketing is easy to learn, the hard part is being creative enough to apply effective strategies (but College won’t teach you this because you can’t teach that part of it – thats creativity and experience), but again CS will help you because you will develop programming skills that translate into other areas of your life, including marketing. This is just my humble opinion, but I’m an internet marketer with an CS degree and it has helped me way more than the other guys who just know the marketing end of it. Also, it is very competitive out here in the workplace and having a CS background and marketing knowledge will make you a double threat, and I would hire someone like that over someone with just a business degree. So think long term, not just “what am I going to do for my major”, but think “how am I going to get a high paying job over my competition or how am I going to start the next web business!”

    Great question though!

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