Can you give me feedback on an argumentative paper thesis?

Hi, this is my thesis for an argumentative research paper. I would really love some feedback on if this is a correct thesis for the argumentative format.

"Organizations that properly utilize social media marketing tools can greatly impact the attitudes of their customers and potential customers."

Most of the research will be related to how various tactics of social media marketing can affect customers thoughts/perceptions about a product, service, or business.

Any thoughts or changes/improvements to the thesis would be soooo appreciated. Thank you!

Is it ok to show brand logos on a website as an example?

OK, I started a business for social media marketing. I want a page that explains what brands are and show examples. So I want to show CocaCola, Google, Virgin and a few other big brands logos as examples. Am I allowed to do this? I have seen others post them but I want to make sure my butt is covered before doing this! If it is not legal, how else can I show examples?