Some say the current generation is the dumbest to inhabit America in sometime, would you agree?

Is it the below average education system, "hip hop" dominant influences, materialistic pop media culture, the degradation of family structure, or more so a combination of all such things? In your mind, what is main contributor to the lack of development we are seeing throughout America's youth? It would seem character traits such as intelligence and hard work have been replaced with self entitlement and narcissism. I call it the "look at me" generation, and it is the one I call my own.

6 thoughts on “Some say the current generation is the dumbest to inhabit America in sometime, would you agree?

  1. Today’s generaon is a bad one, I think the lack of development is caused by the lies being fed by the media. While this is a terrible generation I can’t bag on it too much cause I’m part of it

  2. That’s what they say about every generation, yet collectively, look at all the progress that’s been made. I think with each generation, we are seeing less traditional customs/thoughts. I think maybe that is what is being blamed as “dumber.”

  3. No. Some experts even argue that life is so complex now that we are far more skilled than people even fifty years ago.

    And, as you point out, there have always been people who proclaim that things were better in the past, and they have been wrong almost every time for the past three thousand years.

    Many people over the ages of 70 cannot understand what most young people do about the internet, hard drives, texting, facebook, HD capacity, LOL and other abbreviations, and so on.

    It is safest to look at a very particular issue, establish a metric (a way to quantify changes), and develop a way of gathering data and analyzing it.

    For example, How are you going to measure “family structure?” In what was has it degraded? Is this a rational response to changes in the economy, medicine, travel, or something else? Maybe it has changed, rather than degraded.

    As for music: do you prefer early, middle or late Beethoven? Are you fan of German opera, or maybe Italian. Do you still listen to Schonberg? Are you familiar with all six Bartok string quartets?

  4. I think you pretty much summed it up in your question. The education system in America is known the world over for its mediocracies and its lack in ability to intertest pupils. The new wave of rap music and violent video games that treat murder as if it were a banality are also influencing the youth and (I think) are responsible for young people not really bothering to maintain a good family life or worth ethic. Clothes is another big one. In a capitalist country such as America external signes of wealth are not frowned upon, in fact children admire the ‘rich kid’ in town who has the most expensive designer shirt, jeans, sunglasses etc… This ‘interest’ by other peers contributes to them to craving more attention through the purchasing of objects and slowly transforming their personality until their motivations are purely materialistic. This in turn has lead to a very structured social hierarchy in which the ‘popular’ kids with the expensive clothes are at the top and anyone else is below them. This self appointed ‘authority’ means that most popular children feel they no longer need to listen to their parents or follow advice because they feel that they themselves have earned a position of power through their school life.

    I don’t know if this is what you were looking for, so I just summed up what I believe are the main reasons this is happening. I know I made a few sweeping generalisations and of course I’m not saying that all American children are like this. It’s just easier to outline views about a whole group when you can generalise. Hope it helped? 🙂

  5. I would say it’s a combination of all of the above, but also add in a disturbing obsession with mythological creatures. I have just been over on the mythology page and I swear nearly every third or fourth question is “How do I become a vampire?” or “How do I become a mermaid?” or “Do you think I’m a werewolf (Only reply if you are one)?” It’s so incredibly frustrating that there are so many kids out there who are so fixated on becoming something that simply doesn’t exist! And are asking questions about it that are barely literate! But, don’t worry, it’s not just American kids that are doing this. I don’t know that many kids who can spell properly thanks to the internet and FB, and I live in Australia. 🙂

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