How has social media influenced the English language?

How has social media influenced the use and practise of the English language (literature etc.) I am looking for both positive and negative effects.
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2 thoughts on “How has social media influenced the English language?

  1. It is too large an area for a single question.

    But simple things like text speak … we now have children applying for jobs using this.

    Traditional language skills are being replaced, but whether this is good/bad or positive/negative depends on how you view it. Traditionalists will say it is really bad. But I can also see an argument that says it doesn’t matter, what matters most is that we are able to communicate, however we do it.

    New words are being introduced… blogging for example.

    Also the fact that so many people can see your written word means it has a bigger effect…, the changes we make for a larger worldwide audience is going to have an effect.

    Things like color instead of colour.. American terms like ‘sodder’ instead of the traditional british ‘solder’ … or Aluminum replacing Aluminium. Social media plays a large part towards introducing these changes due to their global nature.

    I can see the English Language changing hugely (especially when written informally), there will remain a devout set of traditionalists, but I think they will be ignored and common usage will diverge hugely from the ‘proper’ usage.

  2. What a great question.

    The good:
    It has streamlined it. Now people get to the point. I believe that due to the nature of quick and shortened conversation and even the use of more simple words has helped us communicate with one another better.

    The bad:
    We can no longer spell. We have turned our language which was once beautiful into something of a mixture between numbers, letters and symbols and that is just in the context of a single word.


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