What's a solution to the problems that Social Media are causing?

I am writing a speech paper on problems Social Media is causing. My main points are, how social media is affecting our relationships negatively, how social media is causing more bullying, and how social media is making it easier for predators to attack teenagers. We have to come up with some solutions to our problem. Any ideas? Thanks!

2 thoughts on “What's a solution to the problems that Social Media are causing?

  1. I hate to say this but we should have some responsible adults moderate social media websites to make sure that there are no victims. Actually, I think every parent should check on his or her child’s computer every once in a while (if he or she seems upset) to make sure bullying is not going on.
    I know, I wouldn’t have liked this to happen to me. But now that I think about it, it’s pretty much necessary.

  2. block people on facebook, use better privacy settings, or really if its that bad dont use social media at all, with texting… i would recomend not giving out your number to anyone but instead the people you know and if someone is bothering you, you can contact the service provider or possibly block them yourself on your phone. Best way is to tell someone so you dont have to deal with the bitches on your own.

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