Why is generation y immature? Over machismo of gen Y?

It seems that, in comparison that generation Y is not reaching the same maturity generation X had at our age (gen Y). It seems most generation Y people in their 20's never get out of the high school mentality of drinking and partying, the only difference is now they go to bars most of their time. Looking at my dad's generation, it seemed liked their was a big jump in maturity from peoples 20's to their 30's, but now the generation Y's that are in their 30's are not any more mature than they were in their 20's. Also, people in older generations were a lot classier in dress style, now it is a bunch of douche bag bros all wearing the same flat bill caps and wearing some American fighter type t-shirt even though they are not fighters. It seems like a good amount of generation Y people only care about drinking, drugs, sex and fighting. This also seems to lead to an over-machismo where half the people think they are bad-asses, cage fighters or wannabe gangsters. Then there seems to be a lot of people in my generation with the bro mentality who end up going to junior college only to prolong dropping out, because of the stigma people get for not going to college. And they act as if they are there to go college when they couldn't give two shits about getting an education. Am I the only one who thinks that generation Y is the least mature generation in comparison to how the other generations were at the time they were in the same age group that most generation Y's are in now? Is there anyone else who has observed this about generation Y? I am not saying all people from generation Y fit this mold but a discerning amount do.

How can my business leverage the latest trends in social media?

Social media has become a necessary component of any business’ online promotional mix because it provides brands an opportunity to create new fans, engage with brand ambassadors, manage customer service inquiries, and potentially generate new business via lead generation or sales. The main strategy deployed depends on the target audience: for example, a business-to-consumer strategy may focus on Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram as the main platform for community building. On the other side, a business-to-business strategy will leverage Twitter and LinkedIn in addition to Facebook for branding and lead generation purposes. Additionally, social media advertising, whether through traditional display ads, news feed promotion, or even retargeting, is quickly becoming a utility brands can use to increase their online presence and generate a positive ROI.

Laws about social media?

I go to a private school in Wisconsin. This school tracks social media accounts even when they are private and anything posted that is offensive towards staff (or obviously illegal) is punished harshly. I was wondering how they can see private accounts, if searching private accounts is legal, and if someone can be legally punished for saying something like "(staff member) is a d*ck". It just does not seem right to me that the school would exercise so much control over what non-illegal things are said. Thank you for your help

What are the pros and cons of social media?

Social media can help unite people, we can spread the word of all kinds of things through social media. Big businesses, for example, are being brought into line because people can use social media to communicate concerns and even organize protests.
Businesses can use social media to improve their products and gain publicity.

People can keep in contact with family and friends, whom they normally would lose touch with, that can really work both ways. We can use social media to share thoughts and expressions, we even can show our creativity without signing up with big record companies (huge bonus).

The problems caused are that people engaging in social media too frequently are becoming anti social (ironic, I know). Shout hand text messaging is replacing proper grammar and spelling. People are not developing important interpersonal skills and because there is less face to face or even none at all, people are being less sensitive and online bullying is cause deep problems for some people.

On top of the social disorders, there are health concerns and, perhaps worst of all, security can be a big problem – People can track you via facebook and track you down even when you want or need to keep them away.
Hackers can sometimes steal financial information used on some social media places.

Here are just some of the pros and cons, I hope this answer is good for you and I hope you get many more that can enlighten you.