EYELEVEL INTERACTIVE (TM) iPOPS (TM) Revolutionary Patented POS Apparel Advertising Solution Science & Technology.

A day in the life of a mobile consumer interacting and navigating throughout a Theme Park. EYELEVEL INTERACTIVE designs customized solutions for any type of mass consumer event such as national and international sporting events, concerts, airports, retail consumer gaming and loyalty solutions or any other type of consumer interaction with wireless mobile devices.

EYELEVEL INTERACTIVE™, LLC (EI™) is a MADE Global Brands company, with its head office in Greensboro, Georgia and regional offices in Singapore, Barcelona and London.

EI™ is a global Intellectual Property (IP) aggregation and licensing company. Its primary focus is to identify new leading edge and legacy technologies that provide consumer interaction and economic impact measurement (Mediology™).

World leader in disruptive technology and strategic cybermediary between client brands, products, events or services and the associated consumers, partners, distributors or influencers in any market place.

EI’s mission is to create the most impactful and high value database of consumer interactions and behavioural modification in the world.